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Inflatable Photo Booth Enclosure

Inflatable Photo Booth Enclosure

Price: $199.00
Monogram / Logo Lighting

Put your names or logo in lights!

Price: $129.00
Photo Booth Rental
  • Photo Booth 
  • Unlimited Digital Photos
  • Optional Printer (must call to add)
  • 5-Day Rental + FREE Shipping 

Click FULL DESCRIPTION to learn more. 

Price: $299.00
Printer For Photo Booth

Printer Only - Client assumes all responsibility for ensuring compatibility of printer for their intended use

Price: $104.00
Starry Night Lighting || Blisslight

Create a beautiful and realistic starry night sky effect.

Price: $99.00
Texture & Pattern Lighting

Create gorgeous patterns and texture to add interest to walls, ceiling, or floor.  

Price: $229.00
Uplighting (Standard)

Make your wall or backdrop glow with color!

Price: $25.00
Uplighting (Wireless)

Wireless uplights will make your backdrop or wall glow in color!

Price: $35.00
~Pro Gobo || Pro Monogram Lighting

Pro Gobo Package to put your names in lights on the wall or dance floor! 

Price: $229.00
~~Canvas Carrying Case (Tripod/Stand)

Carrying case for light stands and backdrop stands. 

Price: $2.00
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